Sunday, December 9, 2012

When I Look At Both of You, a Coldplay Song Plays in My Heart

Oh my damn. It has felt like a lifetime since last season of Girls. It is finally returning for a second season this January and I am literally PEEING myself with excitement. This show is basically one large, re-occuring white girl problem.  I have dedicated my free time for the next few weeks to re-watching the entire first season. If you do not watch Girls, you are quite ignorant. Even if you are not a white female, I still think the show is pretty flippin hilarious.

 Let's talk about the girls for a little bit. I'll start with the main character, Hannah. As a recent post-grad, I can relate to Hannah quite a bit. Especially being an English major, your future seems quite vague. Most importantly, majoring in English is not exactly the way to go if you're looking to make the big bucks. The first scene of the last season we see Hannah's parents tell her that they will no longer support her financially. She learns that she will have to pay for her Brooklyn apartment *gasp* by herself. 
This line cracks me up because I am pretty sure this is the same line I have used on my parents when they complain that I do not have a full-time job. I beat teen pregnancy Mom, I don't smoke crack Mom, I'm not a serial killer Mom. God, she doesn't even appreciate how much worse shit could be! One of my favorite scenes of the first season is when Hannah goes on an interview...and royally fucks it up.
As a person who enjoys making what I guess one would call "offensive" jokes, I enjoy this quite a bit (although, rape jokes aren't really my style, but you get the idea). Yeah, it is completely ridiculous and stupid to drop this during a job interview but I salute her for it. This scene reminds me a little bit of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Lena Dunham is definitely using this scene (as does Larry David) as a personal outlet of wish fulfillment. I dare you to find a person who has not been tempted to make a rape joke during a job interview. Hannah is simply living the dream. 

I also just want to add in this scene of Hannah because I literally die every time I watch it. Rape jokes, AIDS jokes... just good, clean fun.

Marnie is Hannah's roommate. Yes, Brian Williams' daughter if you really give a fuck. She's, kind of, supposed to represent that anal, unlikable friend that everyone likes to shit on. At first, I liked to hate Marnie myself because I never really related to her perfectionist nature but if you really think about it all of these characters need Marnie's perfectionism. She's the Claire to your Modern Family, if you will. The other characters bounce off of her for comedy. Not only this, but I grew a massive amount of respect for her when she decided to finger fuck herself in the bathroom at a work party...just because. Get it girl! I also recall the scene where Marnie tries to console Shoshanna when she comes out of the closet to her as a...*gasp* 
If that does not put a virgin's mind at ease, I seriously don't know what will. 

Okay, then there's Jessa. Jessa is clearly everyone's favorite girl. I guess she's, like, (I'm seriously already kicking myself for making this stupid comparison) the Samantha to your Sex and the City. (Sidenote: I do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT watch Sex and the City. I am merely painting a picture for you numb nuts who do).
Jessa is supposed to be some kind of hippy-dippy traveller who is crashing at her cousin Shoshanna's apartment. She's a babysitter (although not a very good one) and smokes a lot of marijuana. When Jessa winds up pregnant Marnie even throws Jessa the best abortion, of which she decides not to attend. "These things never start on time," Jessa remarks as she chooses to hang out in a bar instead. Is there anything more flaky than not showing up for your own abortion?
This brings us to our last girl, Shoshanna. At first, I could not stand the bitch. She reminded me of a sorority girl on speed. However, now that I am watching the show for the second time around, I have a different perspective on Shoshanna. I guess I see a little bit more of myself in her. I can not tell you how many times I have mistakenly smoked crack when I thought it was marijuana...easy mistake. I can say that it almost always ends the same way, which is me running through the streets with a bare ass and heels.
Yeah buddy!

A lot of the criticism of the show Girls talks about how the show does not relate to a large portion of the population. I guess with the title Girls, people assumed it would be a show about all kinds of girls. However, the show is clearly geared for white, middle to upper class females (and even more specifically, ones who live in New York). Lena Dunham, the writer (and actress who plays Hannah), has been criticized for somewhat "shunning" these other girls. I can appreciate this criticism but I feel it is somewhat irrelevant. Dunham clearly writes about what she knows (as did classic writers like Jane Austen who have been criticized for the same actions) and the world around her. You do not have to live these girls' lifestyle to find it entertaining.

Finally, here is the preview for the new season of Girls.
I almost forgot to mention Adam. Actually, I did not forget to mention him I just have no words for him. Who doesn't like a guy who says he is going to send you home to mommy and daddy like the little whore that you are, all covered in his cum? Happy television watching everyone! HIP HIP HOORAY!! Oh and one last thing...

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