Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Fought Too Hard for This Zip Code to go Home Now

Did Taylor Armstrong's introduction at the beginning of the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills make anyone else cringe? I mean, first I laughed a little but then I was like--fuck, that shit's too real. The reason, to be frank, is that Taylor really did work hard for that zip code. Last season's drama surrounded the abusive tendencies of her husband Russell. I can not say that I was surprised by such allegations. I knew that chap was no good from the moment I laid eyes on him the first season. This bitch can spot a creepist from a mile away. Go me!
When we were introduced to Taylor Armstrong the first season she explained to the viewer that she saw her marriage to Russell as "mostly business."
Now I ain't sayin she a gold digga... but actually, that's exactly what I am saying. She describes her upbringing in Oklahoma at the beginning of the first season as "working class." 
Tay was tired of being amongst the Plebeians so she took to Beverly Hills and married the richest creature she could find.  You know, every girl's fantasy. But yes, Taylor, I guess you did work hard for that zip code. Good for you?
From the beginning, knowing Taylor was such a gold digger, I was not a fan. However, I grew attached to her and could not help but feel bad for anyone in that type of abusive situation. With Russell's suicide gracing the news, I thought we had seen the end of Taylor Armstrong on the show. She was supposedly "distraught" and focusing on the well-being of her daughter Kennedy. I thought that was pretty cool and pretty uncharacteristic of the women of the Real housewives. Props Tay, I thought to myself. But then, she shows her face on the next season? I can not believe I am saying this but I expected more from that ho.
I am not one to get easily offended or really care about such things, but really? That shit is in poor taste ma fine hoes. Suckling every last bit of the media tit on this personal, traumatic matter is a no-no in my book. (THINK ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER KENNEDY! MORE IMPORTANTLY, THINK ABOUT YOUR LIL POOCH SNOWBALL!) I find the whole thing rather eerie. I felt the bad energy seeping through my television, almost. YIKES.
...Not like that stopped me from watching one of my favorite shows on television right now. It's true that Taylor Armstrong is but one of the women in the Real Housewives franchise who show "poor taste" and general pathetic-ness, to put it delicately. On a slightly different note, I find it is the women on the show with Bravo's best edits (in other words, the women that are edited for the viewer to like) are my least favorites. Case and point: Brandi Glanville. 
Brandi is constantly edited to seem over-the-top bitchy and "slutty" (their words, not mine).
Maybe it is me identifying with a fellow Scorpio but I am not buying such things. I appreciate Brandi as a straight shooter. Kyle's little comment at Lisa's party about loving to "see Brandi's face...both of them," I found laughable.
Kyle is the biggest fake and the biggest drama stirrer on the show. Brandi may be rough around the edges, but I would not call the girl two-faced. In this past episode we see the women talking behind Brandi's back about a joke Brandi had made about "knowing everyone in Beverly Hills" and "sleeping with everyone in Beverly Hills." Not only does Ms. Taylor Armstrong clearly take the joke out of context but fails to recognize it as a joke. A joke like ha ha ha ha ha?
So do not expect me to jump on the "hate on Brandi" bandwagon anytime soon. That bitch is ma bitch. I also very much appreciate the whole Lisa/Brandi duo. These are my two favorite housewives on the show, by far.
Oh wait, talkin' to me Kyle?
Glad, we have that settled. One last thing...this one is for Mauricio:
I think that is something we all can agree on. Remember, Kyle Richards, he will never emotionally fulfill you :).

Alright my little sexies. I hope all is well. Feel free to give me feedback on anything (good, bad or in between). And remember, an opinion can never be wrong, just as long as it is also my opinion.


P.S. Team Adrienne or Team Lisa?

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