Thursday, December 19, 2013

Girls, Girls, Girls

I remember at around this time last year I was practically pooping my pants with excitement in anticipation for the new season of Girls. This year there has been no excitement and very little poop. In fact, the trailer for the new season has been out for weeks and I only just bothered to watch it a few minutes ago.
The first season of the show was funny and relatable and that is what I enjoyed about it. Yeah, I thought Lena Dunham was kind of annoying but I thought she was annoying in a laughable way. However, after watching the second season I realized she was actually just annoying in a totally annoying way. Not to mention all of her annoying friends are, well, annoying.

Also, my impression was that this show was supposed to be a "more realistic" version of Sex and the City. Lena Dunham stripped us of the myth that STDs are nonexistent in (highly) sexually active females. That was great. I liked that. But that was basically the extent of her myth killing. Apparently, even today, people still believe that a person can support themselves in Manhattan (and with no roommate) just by working in a coffee shop. (Part time, I am assuming, considering she is seldom at work).
Instead, she is usually spending her time fucking Patrick Wilson on a ping-pong table. And here I thought Lena was trying to making things realistic for us. That just gave false hope to every basic bitch (myself included) that we too will some day make love to Mr. Wilson on a ping-pong table, or anywhere for that matter (a pool table will work fine). Quit playing games with my vagina, Lena.
Patrick Wilson will never like us. The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we can get on with the healing process.

Let's see, what else happened last season? Marni banged that gay dude, Shoshanna cheated on Ray (who the fuck cares? Ray is annoying), Adam discovered that Hannah is the only girl who is into the kinky shit that he is into (Call me, Adam, I think I know of someone else), Jessa got a divorce and disappeared, Marni and Charlie fucked and made-up and, oh, Hannah has OCD (but don't we all?)

The final episode disgusted me with the unnecessary romance. Marni and Charlie live happily ever after and so do Hannah and Adam. If I wanted this bullshit I would watch Dear John. Like fuck me, that shit is disgusting.
In case you have cared as much as me and are just getting around to watching the new trailer:
As usual, the trailer includes the obligatory white-girlisms that we have grown so accustomed to. Too accustomed, in fact. I am pretty sure all of us can just go ahead and write the script for Lena Dunham. There was the whole "I am okay, I may not seem okay and I may not be okay now, but I am like okay," speech which seems to show itself in every season with one or two words switched around.

I think I am just over the concept. Privileged, entitled, white females who feel miserable because of their insatiable need for affection, drama and things.

I have my own privileged, white, female life to be miserable about, thank you very much. I do not need yours, Leenz.


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