Wednesday, October 24, 2012



And no, this blog is in English. I felt like  saying hello in Spanish...because I CAN. My blog, my rules.
My name is Jules, but you can call me Julianna for long. This is my first blog, ever. That is, if you do not count those Xanga accounts that we used at the beginning of High School. (What I would give to recover my account and retrieve those gems that I wrote. I remember always being so candid, so real, so emo).
Well, do not worry! This blog is emo-free. All emo individuals, please exit this window IMMEDIATELY.
I was weary about starting a blog, specifically because I always found that blogs were written by self-involved numb nuts with a large imaginary audience. However, I recently discovered that I am, in fact, a self involved numb nut with a large imaginary audience.

So therefore, I took to the blogosphere and this is my grand debut!
My blog will mostly focus on FUN things. And no, POLITICS do not fit into that category thank you very much.
...I mean unless I feel like making fun of the candidates in the upcoming election or perhaps making fun of all of the idiots who are obsessed with said candidates. I do enjoy poking fun. (Jokes, I make 'em, people). Basically, I talk about what I want... and you will love it.
Some may get offended by what I have to say but quite frankly that is not my concern. Sorry I'm not sorry booboos.
I appreciate any feedback that you have and I look forward to bestowing all of my wisdom on the plebeians of the world!


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